Do I need insurance to travel? Yes. All of SMT’s travelers are required to provide proof of current and adequate travel insurance before the beginning of any trip booked with us. Your travel insurance must cover up to $100,000 USD in personal injury and medical treatment and $200,000 USD in repatriation and evacuation expenses including international helicopter rescue and air ambulance services. Your travel insurance must also include coverage for personal property and trip cancellation. You acknowledge that trip cancellation insurance may be the only means of receiving reimbursement for flights and other non-refundable expenses should you cancel your SMT trip for any reason, whether voluntarily on your part or as a result of SMT’s actions. You are responsible for understanding the specifics of your travel insurance policy, ensuring that your policy covers all optional and included activities listed in the trip itinerary, and that there are no exclusion clauses which would limit the coverage for any activity type. If you are a resident of the United States with current health insurance coverage, it is likely that your policy will be acceptable so long as it covers you while traveling outside the United States.

What is the payment and cancellation policy? Deposit Requirement: If booking with an online agency or in person travel agency, payment up front is required to confirm your spot on the trip no later than 28 days prior to the start of the trip. Day trips require full payment at the time of booking regardless of departure date.

Single Day Trips (Highlights of the City: Cartagena Explore): No deposit is required for single-day excursions; however, full payment is due at the time of booking in cash (*USD).
b)     Cancellations: Scarlet Macaw Trips does not offer refunds on single day trips.
ii)     If Scarlet Macaw Trips is forced to significantly alter or cancel your trip, we will let you know as soon as possible. In these circumstances, you can choose one of the following options:
(1)   Accept SMT’s offer of a comparable replacement trip, or
(2)   Receive a refund of all monies paid.

Al-Inclusive Trips - Cartagena
Deposit: 40% non-refundable deposit due to reserve spot. Remaining 60% due no less than 28 days before beginning of trip.

b) Cancellations: Any cancellations made on your behalf will result in the loss of all money collected less than 28 days prior to the start of the tour. For this reason, we strongly recommend you have comprehensive travel insurance that includes cancellation coverage so that you are protected financially in case anything comes up that prevents you from joining your trip.
If you do not pay the balance of your trip within 28 days of the departure date, your booking will be canceled resulting in the loss of all money collected. If SMT is forced to significantly alter or cancel your trip, we will let you know as soon as possible. In these circumstances, you can choose one of the following options:
(1)   Accept SMT’s offer of a comparable replacement trip, or
(2)   Receive a refund of all monies paid.

When accepting an offer for a replacement trip:
(1)   If the cost is lower than the price of your original trip, you will receive a refund for the difference in cost.
(2)   If the cost of the replacement trip is equivalent or higher than your original trip, you will owe nothing.

Do I need a visa to travel to Colombia? You will need a valid passport, travel tickets and documents, and travel insurance. You assume complete and full responsibility for, and hereby release The Company from any duty or responsibility for, checking and verifying any and all passport, visa, vaccination, or other entry requirements of each destination, and all safety or security conditions at such destinations.  It is your responsibility to ensure the veracity and adequacy of information provided to The Company.

Who's responsible when we go off-site or when we're out and about during 'free time' as per the SMT itinerary? During our all-inclusive CARTAGENA trip, there may be opportunities to participate in activities or local events which are not included in original packaged trip. It is understood and acknowledged by the Customer that any assistance given by SMT’s trip leader or staff to help arrange these optional activities does not constitute a waiver of this disclaimer or create representations and warranties on the part of SMT. SMT does not sponsor or endorse these activities or events, nor can The Operator be held liable for any injury or illness or any consequence whatsoever resulting from your participation. If you decide to participate in these events, you do so voluntarily and are responsible for taking appropriate precautions to ensure your own safety.

At times throughout your trip, it is likely that you will have the opportunity to participate in activities and/or events that are not included in the trip itinerary. All optional activities are paid for locally and directly to the supplier of the activity, event, or service.

You are responsible for purchasing the style of trip that fits your desired comfort level and participating in activities that are suitable for your fitness level and capabilities. By making a booking, you acknowledge that SMT’s trips are adventurous by nature and may involve a significant amount of personal risk.  You understand and assume each and every risk associated with any trip or activities thereto, any of which can cause injury or even death.  Risks and hazards that may be present during any trip include, but are not limited to: Travel by automobile or other means of conveyance; Hazards of traveling, hiking, exploring, or participating in activities that take place in remote or rugged, unpredictable terrain and where phone or radio communications are unavailable; Risks associated with wildlife encounters while participating in any outdoor activity, Risks associated with crossing roadways and entering/exiting vehicles, The unavailability of immediate medical attention or means of rapid evacuation in case of emergency; Risks of injury, dehydration, or even death resulting from my participation in any sporting or adventurous activity such as boating, surfing, fishing, swimming, diving, parasailing, hiking, yoga, zip lines, rope swings, walking tours, photography tours, vehicle tours, and scenic flights;· Mechanical or construction failures of vehicles and equipment, Any physical, mental, or other conditions or disabilities that belong to you or anyone you are traveling you may be a hazard to any group members and may be exacerbated by any of the other risks contained herein; Acts of God, acts of terrorism, forces of nature, and unpredictable weather conditions; Areas of unsafe or unstable conditions due to political or civil disturbances, or other unforeseen circumstances.

SMT reserves the right to decline anyone from joining a trip with justifiable cause. SMT also reserves the right to remove you from a trip if you are creating a hazard to yourself or others, impacting the enjoyment of others, or participating in any illegal activity. Any costs resulting from being removed from a trip or being declined participation in a trip is at your expense. Please be able to perform with comfort the tasks listed in the itinerary or email us prior to the trip to discuss any concerns you might have; we want you to be comfortable!

In addition to assuming any of the risks and hazards of a trip, some of which are listed above (though a complete listing is not possible), you agree to be responsible for any and all expenses resulting from any inherent risk, whether identified or not, and as a result of your negligence.

What is my baggage limit? Please check with your airlines for baggage requirements; Colombian airlines are notorious sticklers for weighing carry-ons. We strongly suggest no more than 1 carry-on size bag and one backpack or purse.

Will you change the itinerary at any point or is it set? SMT reserves the right with reasonable notice to the customer to withdraw any trip or part therein and to alter the itinerary or trip inclusions, as it deems necessary or appropriate under the circumstances. In the event that events that are either unforeseen or uncontrollable result in trip cancellation, delays, itinerary changes, or other adjustments, SMT will use reasonable commercial efforts to provide comparable alternatives. Any resulting additional costs to SMT that result from such alternatives may be passed on to you with reasonable notice. In most instances, trips will operate as originally planned, but SMT reserves the right to make reasonable alterations after the final itinerary has been issued.

Will you sell the photographs taken on this trip? No. SMT reserves the right to take photographs during the operation of any program or part thereof and to use them for promotional purposes. These images will NOT be sold for editorial, trade, advertising, or for any other purpose or in any other manner and/or medium without your inspection or approval. You hereby release SMT and his/her legal representatives and assigns from all current and/or future claims and liability relating to said photographs. SMT will be using photos taken on our trips for promotional purposes (our website, social media channels, press inquiries etc.). Should you have specific photography concerns, talk to us PRIOR to the trip please! "I acknowledge that the photographer on this trip may own the rights to the photos and be allowed to use them for personal use and promotional uses only. I acknowledge that because the Operator or the photographer will own the rights to the photos, I agree not to sell any photos or make a commercial profit on them but to only use them for personal use."

Do you offer refunds? Refunds are not issued for any included activity or trip location that is missed or altered due to circumstances beyond SMT’s reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, war, strikes or labor disputes, significant weather event, government orders or any other unforeseen event. Anyone looking to make a claim, submit a complaint, or request compensation for any reason must do so in writing or email within 30 days after the trip’s cancellation or completion. Any and all supporting documentation to the claim or complaint must accompany the written letter or email. Any claim or complaint received by SMT after this deadline will not be accepted or reviewed. SMT reserves the right to honor or resolve these claims at its exclusive discretion.

What if my plane is delayed? Or my docs expired? Do you cover that? Unfortunately, we do not. In the event that you must cancel, delay or reschedule your trip due to expired or missing travel documentation, you are responsible for all associated costs to rectify the situation. If you are unable to join your trip, you will not be reimbursed or refunded any amounts as per the cancellation terms listed in this document.

SMT reserves the right to make alterations to our trips, itineraries, inclusions, and activities at any time with reasonable notice to Customer. SMT may also replace the hotels, vehicles, or included activities without notice so long as these adjustments do not materially alter the trip or jeopardize the safety of its travelers.

Are there seat belts in your mini vans? SMT recommends that everyone wear their seat belts at all times while riding in any vehicle that is in motion. It is your responsibility to wear your seat belt properly and at all times while the vehicle is in motion.