SMT x Travel Latina

Thank you, Ale! The founder of Travel Latina and current Peace Corps volunteer in Colombia treated us to a write-up on her incredible site that promotes Latinas worldwide. About her effort:

"Inspired by other wanderlust-infusing travel blogs and Instagram profiles, Travel Latina (Instagram: @travel_latina) is a way to feature Latinas on their quests. We feature women of the Latina American and Caribbean diaspora who travel the world. Whether they live in another country, take a business trip, or plan a trip for themselves, we love to feature their beautiful photography.

In addition, we want to empower Latinas (and Latinxs) to travel with posts about trips planned by Latinas, celebrity Latinas, Latina entrepreneurs, news about Latinxs in general, to combat negative stereotypes and machismo, and work on reclaiming the Latina hashtag (similar to this wonderful tumblr Reclaiming the Latina Hashtag). We want to promote positive stereotypes and role models about and for Latinas."

Thank you, Ale!