Amalia Miralrío


Amalia Miralrio is a Counselor at Delaware County Women Against Rape and Crime Victim Services and has her Master of Social Work and Master of Education of Human Sexuality from the dual degree graduate program at Widener University. She has a BA from the University of Michigan.

Amalia decided to pursue her MSW and MED while living and working as a volunteer coordinator in San Jose, Costa Rica where she had followed her passion for travel and returning to her Latinx roots. During that time, she was fresh out of undergrad at the University of Michigan and was committed to a career working on the social justice issues discussed in her Women’s Studies and Latino Studies majors. She reflected on her own multicultural identities, traumas, and privileges and kept returning to the questions what makes people hurt and how do people heal? She felt called to devote her life to answering these questions and developed a new, expanded dream of becoming a therapist.

After graduating, Amalia quickly learned how isolating the post-graduate world could be, where peer support and supervision are often missing. She founded a recent graduate support program through a local professional organization and began hosting monthly support groups in her home. Amalia learned that she was not alone in her struggles and her passion for helping others heal extended to her peers. In fact, she learned that her clients she sees as a trauma therapist have many of the same needs as healing professionals.

In the spring of 2018, Amalia participated in the Scarlet Macaw Trips with Travel Latina Experience in Salento, Colombia and began to brainstorm the idea of bringing together healers from all backgrounds to build community and invest a week in their own healing. Amalia hopes that healers can find a sense of connectedness to others, attunement to and appreciation of their bodies, pleasure, renewed purpose, and an affirmed sense of self through the Healing for Healers Retreat in 2019.

Amalia herself finds healing through dancing Mexican Folklorico, traveling, supervision, professional peers, and loved ones and cannot wait to create a space for other professional healers to embark on or continue their own healing journeys.