Overthinking and overwhelmed with your digital project or business?
Let’s change that, so you HIT PUBLISH with confidence.

Learn successful strategies from two creative entrepreneurs to advance your own projects and business!
Hit Publish, Cartagena Retreat is the perfect retreat for creatives ready to shine and get feedback.


Hit Publish, Cartagena Retreat

October 28-November 2, 2019

Early bird price (May 1-June 15, 2019): $1,890 USD p/p
Regular price (June 16-September 5, 2019): $2,200 USD p/p

Creating and publishing content is vital to stay relevant to your audience…

But do you ever find yourself…

  • Running out of ideas for engaging content

  • Struggling to take action, without feeling burnt-out

  • Getting the motivation to actually HIT PUBLISH?

Here’s what we know…

  • You want to end 2019 on a strong note

  • You need to be more consistent, without it feeling like a chore

  • You want to get your ideas out into the world, but you need a plan

You’ve gotten this far and taken the first step…

Imagine what could be possible with a HYPE TEAM and some guidance?

HIT PUBLISH to continuously grow your business, with ease and confidence!

Are you ready?

Workshop Overview

Hit Publish, Cartagena Retreat, is a week long retreat hosted by Cassandra T. Le, founder of The Quirky Pineapple Studio, a copywriting and content strategy agency, and Andrea Valeria, from it's a Travel O.D., vlogger, author, and digital nomad.

During this week, they’ll use small and large group settings to:

  • Dive into systems and best practices to continuously create unique and attention-grabbing content for multiple platforms

  • How to generate ideas consistently and sustainably, avoiding burn-out or “creator’s block”

  • The best ways to use content and social media to grow your brand and business

    You’ll learn successful strategies from two creative entrepreneurs who’ve secured brand collaborations and clients, while generating daily content for their own brands.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to draw content ideas from your audience, and optimizing different mediums and platforms to grow

  • How to highlight your services and offerings through content and social media, without feeling salesy

  • The best ways to use content marketing to create a profitable and sustainable business

  • Strategies to overcome fear of putting yourself out there, with the help of different activities

  • Using social media and content strategy to grow your personal brand for higher profits and more clients


  • Small and large group settings

  • Mastermind and hot-seat activities to dive into your business problems and find solutions

  • Brainstorming sessions with other ambitious creators and entrepreneurs

  • An intimate group of women who have walked through certain parts of your journey

  • Continuous feedback and constructive criticism to grow your business

  • HYPE TEAM and support to push you out of your comfort zone with content and marketing strategies, so you’re always learning

This week-long retreat is for YOU if:

  • You are a business owner, entrepreneur, creative, freelancer, or influencer

  • You have a base knowledge of social media and content marketing

  • You have your own business, platform, and have had a few clients

  • You want to take your content marketing strategy to the next level with your next project

  • You have a project you want to HIT PUBLISH on before the year ends, and need a boost of confidence and planning help

  • You are kind, open, honest, and respectful, love to travel, and are excited to use social media and content to get in front of your audience!

Overthinking your every move online? Too many ideas but no plan to put them into action?

You’ve got drive and motivation and you want, no… NEED, to HIT PUBLISH on your idea. Let’s HIT PUBLISH together.

This workshop will be held in

Cartagena, Colombia!

You’ve heard of Cartagena, right?

If not, you’ll thank us later for hosting this experience in the Colombian Caribbean.

Outside of networking and scheduled time with Cassandra and Andrea, you’ll experience a country in the middle of a renaissance and an invigorating array of culture, music, and language. During the week, we’ll be exploring around the historic downtown and beyond, in between workshops and brainstorming sessions!

View the full itinerary below:



What’s included in this workshop:



  • Private transportation while in Colombia

  • Airport pick-up and drop-off

  • All breakfasts and two lunches

  • Welcome spirit (beverages) and farewell drink

  • On-site concierge services available for free afternoons and evenings with Scarlet Macaw Trips team members

  • Full day trip to Islas Rosarios and private walking tour of El Centro, “The Walled City” and historic downtown

  • Workshop experience with Cassandra and Andrea at TuWork co-working space in Getsemani neighborhood, 1 full day and 2 half-days

  • Payment plan options

  • Housing in the historic downtown or Getsemani neighborhood (priced for double room, shared bathroom)

  • Assistance with booking and best-practices advice for traveling to/from Colombia (Scarlet Macaw Trips)

  • Native and bi-lingual guide from Cartagena for group

  • Licensed guides

    Not included:

  • Airfare to and from Colombia

  • Souvenirs or food purchased outside of itinerary

  • Lunch and dinners not listed

downtown cartagena

downtown cartagena


Day 1, October 28: Welcome to Cartagena de Indias!
Arrivals + Check-In
Welcome dinner + drink
Arrive to the crown jewel of the Caribbean. Transfer to hotel. We’ll meet up that night in El Centro to get to know each other. Likely venue: La Santisima!

Day 2, October 29: Full day of Workshops, 1
Breakfast at hotel
Full-day of workshops at TuWork, a co-working space in Getsemani
Networking catered lunch
Dinner on your own
*Free night - Scarlet Macaw Trips on site to offer suggestions

tu work co working space, getsemani

tu work co working space, getsemani

Day 3, October 30: Explore Islas Rosarios and the island of Baru
Oh, THAT turquoise water…
Breakfast at hotel
Full day tour of Islas Rosarios + lunch included with Scarlet Macaw Trips (Snorkeling options available. OOP expense).
Dinner on your own
*Scarlet Macaw Trips on site to offer suggestions

Day 4, October 31: Workshops, 2
Breakfast at hotel
9am-2pm workshops in session at TuWork co-working
Coffee break provided
Break for late lunch at 2 pm on your own
Meet up in El Centro for walking tour of the historic downtown (cultural, architectural context)
*Free night + dinner. We suggest drinks at Cafe del Mar and then head out individually or in group for local eats

Day 5, November 1: Workshops, 3
Breakfast at hotel
9am-2pm workshops in session at TuWork co-working
Coffee break provided
Break for late lunch at 2 pm on your own
Meet up later for farewell drink in El Centro with the whole team (included)
*Scarlet Macaw Trips on site to suggest last evening suggestions for dancing, dining, and experiencing the best of Cartagena

Day 6, November 2: Farewell!
Breakfast at hotel
Transfer to the airport

But, I’ve got a few questions first…

Your Hosts for Hit Publish: Cartagena Retreat
Cassandra T. Le and Andrea Valeria

cassandra t. le

cassandra t. le

Andrea Valeria

Andrea Valeria

Cassandra T. Le is the founder of The Quirky Pineapple Studio (TQP Studio), a copywriting and content strategy boutique agency. Through TQP Studio, she works with small business owners and hospitality/tourism brands to create heartfelt words and content to connect them to their audience. She is also a Speaker and Business Developer, helping to develop sustainable businesses for entrepreneurs and business owners.

When she's not working behind her laptop, you can find her exploring neighborhood cafés, getting lost in translation in Spanish, and gallivanting through cobble-stoned streets! 


Andrea Valeria took a risk and transitioned her side hustle into her dream job of full-time travel vlogging and living as a digital nomad. With her passion for digital media and seeing others reach their creative and professional goals, Andrea offers the motivation and knowledge you need to do just that.

She's a pro at helping others push past the fear of being on camera, and she's always excited to share her digital marketing, social media & vlogging tricks. 


Payment options - payment plans are available.

Please note your options:

  1. If paying via VenMo or PayPal, you will pay $1,890 as advertised, service charges included.

  2. If paying via this form (the website) you will pay $1,945 including service charges.


Scarlet Macaw Trips accepts PayPal or VenMo.
PayPal: info@scarletmacawtrips.com
VenMo: Venmo at @Scarlet-MacawTrips.

Early bird price (May 1-June 15, 2019): $1,890 USD p/p
2 payments of $945 between May 1-31, 2019 accepted or 1 payment in full during early bird pricing
*If paying via the website, including service charges, you will pay $1,945

Regular price (June 16-September 5, 2019): $2,200 USD p/p
30% deposit of $660 needed to secure your spot.
Remaining 2 payments totaling $1,540 can be paid out between June 1-September 5 to Scarlet Macaw Trips
*If paying via this website, including service charges, you will pay $2,264.00

Ready to HIT PUBLISH with confidence and ease?

Join the HYPE TEAM and let’s end 2019 with a bang!