A few FAQs for our CONEXION LATINX (2018) participants

For anyone traveling to Colombia for the first time, we know the thought of taking a bus alone to a little pueblo might be overwhelming. While we can't, unfortunately, offer pick-up in any of the big cities (Medellin, Cali, Bogota) we can offer a few pro-tips and in general, sites to check out when you are considering BUS or FLIGHT from one of the above international destinations.

We suggest you arrive to Medellin, Cali, or Bogota. From there the options are long bus rides (ranging from 5-8 hours) to Salento or a short plane ride into ARMENIA or PEREIRA. Assuming your arrival is before 8 pm, SMT can help you arrange transportation from Armenia/Pereira into Salento.

We are here to help you with logistics and if you are arriving late, we're happy to find transportation for you at an added cost of around $45 USD. This price isn't built into the workshop price but we can work it in. We highly suggest letting us know your arrival times so that we can help ensure you get to Salento safe and sound. If you are traveling during the day, by two planes, you will most likely have a smooth arrival. Arriving at dark in a new place is sometimes jarring so we want to make sure you feel good about all travel plans!

Please write us at info@scarletmacawtrips.com so we can help you.

Below are some good fare checkers. Let us know what you find!


Bogota to Pereira

Bogota to Armenia

BUS: Bogota to Armenia, round trip

BUS: Bogota to Pereira, round trip

 MOMONDO Flight checker, Bogota to Armenia

MOMONDO Flight checker, Bogota to Pereira

Once you arrive, all will be #RELAX

Once you arrive, all will be #RELAX