New Trip Alert: "The Right Light - Photo Workshop with James Anthony"

Calling All Photo + Travel Enthusiasts!

Any way you slice it, you’re going to be taking photographs when you come visit Medellin - which you will, trust us.

We’re one step ahead of you and have curated an epic 5-day, 6-night photo workshop led by the very talented and always inspiring James Anthony, editorial photographer and world traveler. For this trip, we’ll be using Medellin as a backdrop for cultural and photographic exploration with our host and team leader, James.

Our goal is to provide opportunities throughout the week for you to grow your international photo portfolios via day trips where we’ll find environmental, editorial, documentary, street, and candid photo opportunities.

The itinerary is built with three things in mind:

  • Picture-making and growing your portfolio

  • Safe exploration of Medellin and its surrounding areas. Medellin has always been in the news, but these days it’s making headlines because of its ascension as a popular travel destination.

  • Guided excursions with an experienced team that allow for maximized creativity and productivity. We’ve also built in time for you to reflect on the creative process and meet like-minded creatives.


James Anthony: On Top of His Game - and Ascending

We first met James back in Feburary of 2018 while he was in Cartagena shooting and just clicked (pun intended). We designed this trip with him in mind as your host and group leader.

James is an in-demand editorial photographer who specializes in food, beauty and fashion, portrait, and commercial work. He’s also an avid traveler and has shot on location all over the world. We are so excited to be on the same soil with him again and for you to grow from his expertise.

All images c. James Anthony

The Rundown

There’s no way to capture all of Medellin in 5 days but we’ve selected excursions that we believe will contribute the most punch to your portfolios.

Please see the full itinerary here.

In the meantime, here’s a quick run through of what you’ll be seeing, doing, eating, sensing, and shooting:

  • Santa Elena: You’ll be visiting Santa Elena, home to the family that created Medellin’s famous “Flower Festival” that occurs every August. While learning about this family’s legacy, you’ll fill your portfolio with colors of every kind from the hundreds of native plants and flowers that fill their farm.

  • La Minorista: Ever heard of chontaduros? How about chirimoya? One thing we can tell you: they’re great additions to the classic tradition of the still life. In Medellin’s famous indoor market, we’ll be meeting local vendors, learning about local produce (and eating it too), and interpreting the still life Colombian style.

  • Birds Eye View: Ever lie on the ground just to get the shot? How about climb more than 700 stairs to get the shot? Bring your walking shoes ‘cause we’re going up (on a Monday…) to secure one of the region’s most gorgeous vistas: that of El Penol and Guatape.

  • Comuna 13 - Transformation Tour with Kasa Kolacho
    Comuna 13 provides a classic street landscape for up-and-coming photographers to learn more about Medellin’s incredible past and bright future. Environmental portraits, visits with community organizations and leaders, architecture opportunities, and video, are all possible. Think street art, murals, breakdancing and action shots, local neighborhood life, and the privilege of traveling back in time safely to learn about this barrio’s storied past.

The Details

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Medellin is a lively, fun, enchanting place to travel and it is our absolute privilege to host you here.

Please vist the official trip page for full details (price, payment options, dates, and more).

We’re looking for 15 avid photographers to come explore, come grow, come see, come experience - is this you?

Email for any and all concerns and capital Q’s.